Saturday, April 15, 2006

Restore our democracy

Our democracy should COUNT! In order to restore democracy to our United States of America we need to ensure our right to VERIFIABLE elections, and making every eligible citizen's vote COUNT

We have a right to Verifiable Elections / DEMOCRACY
Our recent national elections have been tainted and likely stolen by massive amounts of fraudulent activities.

We have a right to verifiable elections via an official paper record. Please read about congressional bill HR 550 for more information, and for more important actions.

The out dated and unfair electoral college also works against our democracy and should be eliminated. We each have a right to OUR one equal vote per eligible citizen period.

"Thanks to the Electoral College system ...the big haul of California's electoral votes is crucial for Democrats to offset the multitude of small, sparsely populated states that reliably vote Republican....
California Secretary of State Bruce McPherson (decided) to override the objections of his own experts and certify the eminently hackable voting machines of the politically partisan firm, Diebold, for use throughout the state means, quite simply, that the fix is in for 2008."

Our democracy should count!


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