Tuesday, December 13, 2005

HR550! LINK to Russ Holt's info and petition. TELL them to support this!

DEMAND our democracy be restored!
Bill Has More than 150 Co-Sponsors, But Has Not Been Allowed to Come to Floor by House Leadership

This is just so disheartening! This is an attempt to destroy any hope at our living in a democracy again. http://www.rushholt.com/petition.html We have to demand democracy, do not assume. Do not take your democracy for granted because it is NOT!
http://rushholt.com/archives/2005/11/congressman_rus_6.html an excellent article concerning this bill from the 'Brad Blog'.
Then you can do more:You can call your members of Congress right now on one of these toll-free numbers, 888-818-6641 or 888-355-3588.
Tell them, "OUR democracy matters"! http://www.rushholt.com/petition.html Please sign the petition! If you scroll down their is a list of co-sponsers, if you want to see if your congress person is one. Please sign and if you can call because OUR democracy matters!


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