Sunday, December 31, 2006

So the Holt bill will finally see the light of day? Thank you!

but please consider these concerns and possible remedies: if you agree you can send your comments here:

also, my opinion on our current state of affairs in very generalistic terms:

ELECTION FRAUD still cost US many congressional seats, and would have been a greater disaster if not for the huge drop in the approval of the Bush regime from October to November. Election fruad is a very serious crime against our country , in many ways largely responsible for the death of THOUSANDS of people at home, and hundreds of thousands in other coutries. We need to face the facts, and act with honest determination, to rectify, as much as possible the tremendous harm to our people, our economy and our world, caused by so many deadly lies.
I sincerely believe impeachment will be a necessary step to assure accountability and justice.
for more info on ways to help (in WDC and/or at home) restore our American values and will :


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