Monday, September 18, 2006

Diebold - Abramoff and stolen elections.TIME LINE link

I sent the following to the media and my Congress folks, I would encourage everyone to try to get this easy to follow and comprehend information about this complex issue, OUT there!
Please , CARE about our democracy enough to consider the truth.
In perhaps the biggest scandal of all, the GOP and Jack Abramoff conspired and successfully stole our democracy through extremely corrupt dealings between Abramoff, Greenberg Traurig, Convicted GOP Rep. Bob Ney of OH, the White House and.... in order to foist the hackable Diebold voting machines upon an unsuspecting and trusting public....

PLEASE view brief very important Princeton independent study-video-

multiple mainstream news sources quoted at bottom but link to time line here...


"2001 – Ney’s Chief of Staff David Distafano turns lobbyist for Diebold and at least one other voting machine company. One of DiStefano's crows about his having "an insider's edge to hard-to-reach political officials."

2002 – $3 billion HAVA bill mandating computer voting is passed in the House, shepherded by Ney, Abramoff and Delay, helping Diebold and the other companies write the legislation. Abramoff and Greenberg Traurig also use the HAVA bill to squeeze the Indian Casino Tribes to cough up more bribe money for Republicans...
2002 – Programmer Clint Curtis testified that he was asked in 2002 by GOP Rep. Tom Feeney to create vote-stealing code for voting machine, which he does. This software seemed to have been used in the 2002 stealing of Sen Max Cleland’s seat in GA.

2002- Distafano and partner Coffee rewards Ney with $20,000 in campaign contributions, starting in 2002. Abramoff has Indian tribes contribute tens of thousands of dollars to Ney and pay the notorious $100,000 for the St. Andrews golf junket.

2002 – Diebold and AccuPoll start paying Distafano and partner Roy Coffee $250,000 in lobbying fees. Diebold starts paying $275,000 in lobbying fees to Greenberg Traurig, Abramoff’s firm.

2003 - Ney prevents the mandating of verified paper trails for Diebold and the other companies.

2004 – “"in 2004 numerous news organizations reported that the RNC spent millions hiring a questionable company called Sproul & Associates to do voter registration. ....Thousands of voter registration applications collected from Democrats by registration workers paid for by Sproul & Associates were reported to have been destroyed ...
2004 – Ney writes “Dear Colleague” letter against amending HAVA for paper trails. ..“argued at the time that paper records on such machines would somehow disenfranchise disabled voters.... mandated at least one disabled-accessable device in every voting precinct in the country. That device, of course, would be a paperless touch-screen electronic voting machine, like the ones made by Diebold,....” Ney also stops Russ Holt’s bill to reform HAVA " much more.....


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