Friday, September 30, 2005

Carter says Gore won election in 2000 LINK

Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter delivered a shocker at an American University panel in Washington Monday: RAW STORY has learned he told the crowd he was certain Al Gore won the 2000 presidential election.

There is "no doubt in my mind that Gore won the election," the erstwhile President declared, saying the 2000 election process "failed abysmally."

He also stated Supreme Court was "highly partisan."

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Please support HR 550 the "Gold Standard"

Democracy Matters!
Non-partisan commission encourages Verified Voting. Here is a petition/letter to make sure.. we get the real deal, not bu**sh**. or hit link above in title

Please use the above link to send an email to your Representative and to the House Administration Committee urging them to pass HR 550 as written!
The recently-released report of the Baker/Carter Commission on Federal Election Reform called on congress to establish a requirement for a voter verified paper record of every vote and mandatory audits.

VoteTrustUSA hopes you will join us in using the Commission’s recommendations as a catalyst for speedy enactment of Rep. Rush Holt’s Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act (HR 550) which organizations like VerifiedVoting, Common Cause, Working Assets, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Velvet Revolution, and many other national and state election integrity groups have been advocating for more than two years.
We need this to prevent more massive voter disenfranchisement.

There is some concern that the bill may be weakened, and some operatives in some states may be able to find ways that will make the paper trail useless and the entire costly process meaningless. A great deal of thought and work has been put into this and it is considered the GOLD STANDARD of all the bills out there. Thanks!

Friday, September 23, 2005

What to do...? LINK

Robert Parry 's Consortium news is a good site for learning and understanding the history of the Bush regime.
American voters did choose Gore over Bush both nationally and in the swing state of Florida.

In the past few months, some of the consequences of Election 2000 have become painfully apparent. One after another, catastrophes have swept across America’s political landscape. The question now before the nation is whether it will shed the old paradigm of normalcy and act with urgency and creativity.
I recommend the entire article and spend sometime reading the former AP and Newsweek reporter's extensive History- of the Bush regime.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

No Paper Trail Left Behind: LINK

The theft of the 2004 Presidential Election

A must read- readable,well researched and documented. Reality can be overwhelming at times.
The mainstream media ... adhering to the standards of “objective” journalism, which the right-wing media consider “quaint,” legitimated these false allegations about Kerry by presenting “the two sides” as if one side made up entirely of lies and half-truths could be considered a legitimate “side.”
I just like this quote because this situation has frustrated and baffled me as well. But please read the ENTIRE article, at the above link.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ten Good Reasons to Believe that the 2004 Presidential Election Was Stolen

a good summary of some of what went wrong in 04. and here is another article we should read and consider
This post was cited by Will Pitt in a major blog, which gave it wide visibility on the Net. “KERRY WON THE FEMALE VOTE BY A HIGHER PERCENTAGE THAN BUSH WON THE MALE VOTE…AND MORE WOMEN (54%) VOTED THAN MEN (46%).” It was all right there, polling results that we were never intended to see....

The odds against the deviations from the state and national exit polls to the final vote count are astronomical.
Kerry (would have) won 51% compared to BU**SH**Inc.'s 48% if the election was honest.

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