Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ten Good Reasons to Believe that the 2004 Presidential Election Was Stolen

a good summary of some of what went wrong in 04. and here is another article we should read and consider
This post was cited by Will Pitt in a major blog, which gave it wide visibility on the Net. “KERRY WON THE FEMALE VOTE BY A HIGHER PERCENTAGE THAN BUSH WON THE MALE VOTE…AND MORE WOMEN (54%) VOTED THAN MEN (46%).” It was all right there, polling results that we were never intended to see....

The odds against the deviations from the state and national exit polls to the final vote count are astronomical.
Kerry (would have) won 51% compared to BU**SH**Inc.'s 48% if the election was honest.


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At 4:53 AM, Blogger jarnocan said...

anomynous cowards from the far right like to attack.


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