Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Andy Stephenson from Vote Trust /Donation LINK

Andy Stephenson was instrumental in raising the public's awareness of the problems and issues surrounding electronic voting....
As Vote Trust Training Director, Mr. Stephenson's responsibilities included grassroots coordination and training, consulting on state issues and lobbying.

The best way to honor Andy is to fight for meaningful election reform NOW. Be the media...talk about it with everyone and never shut up by a friend.

A year ago he was giving seminars on the many problems related to electronic voting. In January he traveled to WDC to mourn and demonstrate against the stolen election, but was still working non-stop for a fair voting sustem. Now we mourn his loss and do what we can to honor his memory, and restore our democracy.

"Let people know this is happening. Do what you can." Andy said over a year ago (I'm sure many other times as well) It's still sound advice.


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